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St James Churchyard

The church is set in the centre of a large level churchyard alongside the Westerleigh village green, situated near the edge of the Cotswold hills.


Index of graves:  Stjames_westerleigh_graves_index.pdf

Details of graves: Stjames_westerleigh_graves_list.pdf

Map of graves: Stjames_westerleigh_graves_map.pdf


Churchyard Local Regulations

The rules for graves and memorials at St James are governed by the Diocese of Bristol Churchyard Regulations 2021. Search online for ‘Bristol-churchyard-regulations-2021.pdf.’


  • Please do not leave any items of plastic or non-compostable wrapping. Any such items will be removed.
  • New cremation plots will be dug to a size of 30 x 30 x 30cm
  • Cremated remains should be put into the ground without a casket.
  • Memorials over cremated remains shall be just below the level of the turf and measure no more than 45 x 30cm.
  • Memorials should be sunk low enough to allow a mower to pass over them. They should not be placed in a surround.