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Access arrangements for Community Groups

The building is the responsibility of the churchwardens of St James, Westerleigh and Rector of Yate Parish. For Yate Parish Policies, please see

a.     St James Church Building - Opening Hours

The church building is kept open to the public every day from 10am to 4pm, and at other times by appointment with the key holders listed below. 

b.     Availability for Community Use

The building is available for community use between 9am and 11pm every day when not required by the church. Church use is on Sunday mornings (9am to 1pm), Tuesday mornings (8am to 9.30am) and Wednesday mornings (9.30 am to 12.30pm).  The churchwardens reserve use of the church for weddings as arranged (normally on Saturdays), for funerals (at about 7 days’ notice) and in addition for special festival services such as on Good Friday and as advertised at Christmas.

c.     Covid-19, Safeguarding, Health and Safety

Users must check and follow latest government rules on Covid-16, read and acknowledge the risk assessment for the church building. The user group should prepare their own risk assessment for their activity and submit it to a churchwarden. Users should read, accept and follow parish policies on Safeguarding and Health & Safety published on Yate Parish website:   A copy is held in the yellow folder in church.

d.     Accessible areas of the church

Parts of the church not available for community groups are the altar, the vestry, the organ, the font, the tower staircase, the bell ringing chamber, the musician’s gallery and the room at the base of the tower.  Access to the tower is only by arrangement with the tower captain. Community groups are requested to respect the chancel and altar at the far east end of the church and not to disturb the flower arrangements.

e.     Care of building fabric

No attachments may be made to ancient walls, pillars or stonework; this includes any decoration requiring use of Blutack, Sellotape, screws, nails, pins, staples or similar.   Any damage caused by the user will incur repair charges.

f.      Utilities

Users should be aware that in spite of the installed electrical heating, the church building can be very cold in winter from November through to March. There are no toilets on site but arrangements can be made with the neighbouring pubs. There is currently no approved facility for preparing refreshments. Rubbish should be taken to the appropriate black or green bin beside the white gate.

g.     Licensing

Smoking is not allowed in the church building. Alcoholic beverages are not to be sold in the church without a copy of the local authority licence being forwarded to a churchwarden prior to the event. If individual participants are charged an entry fee, then music may only be played when the user has provided a copy of the necessary music licence. Music should finish by 11pm. The sound system is available by arrangement.

h.     Bookings and Charges

Bookings are to be made through the churchwardens. At  present there is no charge for community use of the building, but a contribution towards heating and maintenance is welcomed. The churchwardens accept no responsibility for items lost or damaged in the church.