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Have you heard the bells?

Have you heard the Church Bell ringing and thought you’d like to try? Have you told yourself that you’re too young , or too old or not strong enough or no good at learning new skills? Have you thought you had to be a regular church-goer to become a bell ringer?  ...Well...

.... Discard all those misperceptions by coming to meet the band!

Even if you are just slightly curious, bring your curiosity, and open mind and a sense of humour and come to our – Wednesday Evening Bellringing practice 7.30pm in the Church Tower

All are welcome!

Bell Ringing as a Hobby

Although bells are rung primarily to announce church services, there is a tremendous amount of pleasure to be had through exercise in general.

It entails a degree of physical exercise. Not so much that you need to be ‘super strong’ or ‘excessively fit’. People of both genders and all ages (8 to 80+) are known to ring.

It also entails a degree of mental agility. Again, we are not talking ‘masterminds’. A fairly good memory and the ability to think on your feet helps, but some of the best ringers in the country are normal people doing normal jobs.

It helps if you consider ringing a social exercise. After most bouts of ringing, there will be a de-brief which often takes place in a public place of refreshment. This is not compulsory but is advisable.